BubbleCloud™ is the FIRST and ONLY truly 3D first person bubble shooter!  Spin and spin and spin around the cloud while firing colorful bubbles, threading shots between blockers, collecting star bonuses and pop, pop, popping chains of matching colors to get the highscore!  Try not to get too dizzy while you frantically search for color matches, but keep going as far as you can as each level gets a little faster and a little harder, and more bubble colors are added to the cloud!

BubbleCloud is our first mobile iOS app! And is designed for both the iPhone and iPad.  The demo/trial version is available for free download (someday soon to be released for Android as well) in the App Store.  Purchase the full version upgrade (in-game) and get access to the GameCenter leaderboards, unlimited game levels, and removal of in-game advertising.


How to Play – BubbleCloud is simple to play for all ages!

- Tilt the device in the direction you want to go, and you will spin in that direction – the more you change from the original device position (at level start), the faster you will rotate.  The overall speed of rotation increases with each level.  If the cloud is spinning wildly, or if you change the position or direction of the device (like when in a moving vehicle), simply touch the Calibrate button (above the fire button) to reset the device orientation as often as you like.

- Fire colored bubbles, indicated by the color of the button, to hit matching colors and make them pop.  Your aim is always pointed at the center of the screen.  ‘Chains’ of matching bubble colors will explode when they are closely ‘connected’ together, the number of bubbles in the chain increase the score for each pop.  New bubble colors are added to the color group every 5 levels.

- Powerup bubbles are golden, are randomly awarded, and will pop any color they hit.  Shoot Bonus Stars that appear to ‘collect’ them for big points when you complete a level, they are each worth 1000 points multiplied by the number of the level (level 1 = x1000, level 2 = x2000, etc).

- Blockers are the black bubbles orbiting the cloud, when a armed bubble you’ve fired comes in contact with a Blocker it is immediately disarmed.  Similarly, when a bubble does not hit a matching color it is also disarmed and added to the cloud.  Additional Blockers are added every other level.

- Levelup by hitting the special Nucleus bubble at the center of the cloud, doing so completes the level and earns you those big points.

- Gameover occurs when the cloud grows too large, and a chain is formed between any Blocker and the Nucleus.

- That’s it! But most importantly HAVE FUN!  :D


Support – BubbleCloud targets a minimum iOS 5.0 platform, and is designed to be as bug free as possible.  If you are having run-time difficulty, or have found a glaring error, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to fix it for a future version release – which of course will be free!

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